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Register as a Vendor

We are no longer accepting Vendor applications. All slots have been taken.

Please fill out the form below to be placed on our Waitling List.

Vendor Waiting List Form

Submitting this form will place you on the waiting list for a vendor booth. We will notify you if a spot opens up.

Please review the application instructions on the Vendor Information page before completing this form.

Application may not be submitted until all required fields are completed.

Please type your full name.
Please type the full name of your business.
Please provide a valid email address.
Please provide a telephone number.

Facebook Page
If you would like HDOG to tag your Facebook page, please enter it here.

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Please type your mailing address.

Please select an answer.

If you are sharing a booth with another vendor, please enter his/her full name, email address, and business name.

Note: Each vendor choosing to share a booth with another vendor is required to submit their own Certificate of Insurance.

Please type your full name.
Please provide a description of your booth and its display items.

Fee Options (*)
There are 7 different fee options below. Please read through all 7 options before selecting the fee option that applies to you. If you are unsure of which option to select, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at 541-990-3834 before you submit the application.

Please select a Fee Option.

Fee: Non-Profit or Informational (*)
The fee for this type of vendor is $35 per 10' x 10' space.

$35 — One space
$70 — Two spaces
$105 — Three spaces

Fee: For-Profit (*)
The fee for this type of vendor is $65 per 10' x 10' space. Indicate below the needed number of booth spaces with the total cost.

$65 — One space
$130 — Two spaces
$195 — Three spaces

Fee: Governmental or County Office, Department or Affiliate (*)
The fee for this type of vendor is waived. Each vendor is provided with one free 10' x 10' space.

Fee: Educational (Elementary, Middle or High School) (*)
This type of booth is reserved for one school. Each school is provided with one or two free 10' x 10' spaces for several students to show and sell their creative work. Indicate below the number of spaces you need.

Fee: Educational (Individual student 18 or younger) (*)
This type of booth is reserved for one student who is provided with one free 10' x 10' space to show and sell her/his work.

Fee: Cash or In-Kind Sponsorship (*)
If you are currently a cash or in-kind sponsor or intend to be a sponsor for the festival this year, the fee for sponsors is waived. Each sponsor is provided with one free 10' x 10' space.

Fee: Scholarship Option (*)
This fee option is reserved for the For-Profit and Non-Profit or Informational vendors who are experiencing hardship to afford the vendor and/or insurance fees. If you need to be considered for this fee option, please indicate below and expect a member of the festival committee to contact you soon after your submission is received.

Please select a Fee Option for Students.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)
If you are a Government or County department or affiliate, you are not required to submit a COI. If you are not a Government or County employee or affiliate, you are required to submit a COI. If you are in need of a COI, be sure to read the Vendor Information that will inform you about how to obtain one.

Please upload a PDF of your COI.

Comments or Questions
If you are interested in requesting a preferred location for your booth space, please read the Vendor Information regarding the policy for doing so.

Please write a message.

Waiver (*)
I have read and understand the vendor policies and requirements and agree to abide by them. Noncompliance may result in removal of myself/business from the festival without refund. I understand that I am not registered as a vendor until I have submitted this application along with a certificate of insurance, paid my fees in full and received notice that I am registered for the event. I understand that fees will not be refunded if the festival is cancelled due to inclement weather or other acts of nature that are outside the control of the event organizers. I also understand that if I do not show up to the event I will not receive a refund. I hereby agree to assume all risk of injury, property loss or theft, damage of property, or death that may arise in connection with my participation in the festival event. Signer must be 21 or older. Please type your name below.

Please type your full name as a signature on this form.

After you submit this form, it might take us a few seconds to process. We'll let you know when your submission has been completed. If a fee is due, you will be redirected to Paypal to complete your payment.