Since our group was established in March 2017, we've already accomplished a wide variety of local events and outreach projects:

  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd annual Oak Grove Trolley Trail Fest: Featuring more than seventy vendors, including local food, arts and crafts, and community resource groups, plus live music and a beer garden, our summertime festival brought  ~800 people to the downtown area!

  •  The 1st, 2nd and 3rd annual Halloween Fest: Sponsored by 18 different Oak Grove community groups, businesses, and families, our Halloween Fest hosted more than 250 children and families for a fun night of costumes, games, and Trick or Treating at downtown shops.  In 2020, the Halloween Fest became the first "Honk-or-Treat" event due to COVID. 

  • Blackberry Clean-Up Day:  New Urban High School students and staff, members of Oak Grove United Methodist Church, and other community members worked together to remove a huge patch of blackberries and overgrowth along the fence line on SE Arista Rd.

  • Local Artist Collaborations: With help from local artist (and new board member) Sarah Shay, and new business owner Jeff Hogan of Cash Box, our beautiful Welcome to Historic Oak Grove sign was given a fresh new look!

  • Holiday Gift Drive: Our board members worked with Oak Grove Boys & Girls Club to collect holiday gifts for our community's most vulnerable children and families. Efforts included creating flyers, advertising on social media, and creating a giving tree.

  • Community Recycling Program (Trex Partnership): Our community recycling drive collected more than 500 lbs. of plastic in 2 months to benefit the Oak Grove Daycare & Preschool. Their new Trex bench (made from 100% recycled plastic)  was delivered in the spring of 2018!

  • Community Art Project: In collaboration with Moonlight Coffeehouse & The North Clackamas Arts Guild, art was created and displayed on the fence line on SE Arista. 

  • The Oak Grove Holiday Tree Lighting: 200 Oak Grove residents enjoyed holiday music presented by the Oak Grove United Methodist Church's community choir. A temporary tree was lit and enjoyed by all to see.

  • Bike Racks and Repair Station: With a grant from Metro through North Clackamas Parks & Recreation, new bike racks and the first bike repair station along the Trolley Trail were installed in the Fall of 2020.  

  • County Zoning Ordinance: Amended county zoning ordinance to allow the production and sale of edible/drinkable products (such as a bakery and brewpub) in downtown Oak Grove.